Befriend Your Body

The physical body is the house that our life energy uses to move through this physical existence at this time, therefore, it is very important to maintain the body in a way that allows the full expression of the soul. What we eat, the company we keep and the conditioning of our culture and environment all have an impact on the health and shape of our bodies and how we express ourselves to the world.

It is through the chakras that our life energy is expressed, and it is therefore very important to understand how this system works.

Fear, anxiety, phobias and physical and health issues are all symptoms of over active or under active chakras. Many of the emotions we have are unconscious and may be firmly rooted from unresolved childhood experiences.

And chakras, as patterns of consciousness; reflect the belief systems that are made up of specific programming. The good news is they can be programmed by new thoughts and behaviors, diet, exercise in addition to a regular yoga practice. We can consciously reprogram our chakras by behaving differently. 

According to the Law of Attraction, vibration is what causes attraction and since chakras are vibrational in nature, we want to make sure they are clear and vibrating in a way that will bring us the best of health and happiness. So if we want to change our life, we need to change our vibrational patterns. Understanding the chakras will help a great deal. Learning to read our bodies using the chakra system is great way to befriend our body. Doing so will help to nip bigger health problems in the bud and keep us on a healthy and smooth running lifestyle.

Our free video on the major chakras that run through our central core is a great foundational piece in the journey to understanding the connection between our energy system and our physical body.

When ailments hit the body, they have already been through our energy system. And when ailments are present, wow, we know about them and are constantly reminded of the discomfort or pain. Now we are reminded constantly about our ailment. This makes it harder to move into a more positive vibration… however, that is what is needed for the journey toward optimum health and wellness.

So how do we move our attention away from pain and discomfort once it is settled in the density of our physical body? There are many ways, and sometimes it is necessary to reach for support from others. Herbal support is one area that can assist in the body making its way back to a natural state of good health. Sometimes the ailment requires psychological reprogramming, or sometimes a frequency session will help.  All these things are vibrational in nature and in that way works to help bring balance and harmony back to the chakra system, which supports the body.

And so, when ailments arise, we invite you to look at the area within the chakra system as a guide to where it started from energetically. In this way, we can befriend the body, see it as giving us guidance to the source of our imbalance.

We created a 5 minute audio to help with supporting chakra balancing in a simple way each day, it is available at our online store.

And with our understanding of the vibrational nature of our being, we are in service to provide natural products and natural healing modalities to assist in the journey to optimum health, in mind, body and spirit.

When an ailment comes a calling, know that it is a message from the body to call attention to an energetic imbalance. It is important to befriend the body. It is not our enemy; it is part of our guidance system.

Until next time, our wish for you is to be well and live abundantly.

The Go For Wellness Team
Dora, Pete, Liz

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