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St. John's ( Joan's ) Wort Tincture - 30 ml

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St. Johns Wort: Hypericum perforatum (also known as St. Joan's Wort) is a powerful herb with a long history as being used in folk medicine. The herb gained media attention for assisting to promote a sunny disposition when used regularly. Many people suffering from depression have reported using it with success.

Earlier days, it was used to treat various types of psychotic symptoms. It’s ability to settle nerves and nerve pain has been, and is still still is, recognized by herbalists around the globe.

It is a herb that grows on the property at Go For Wellness Inc. and is harvested early summer and used to make oils and tinctures.

Quote by Herbalist Susun Weed.
"I imbibe St. Joan's wort's sunny disposition by taking a dropperful in a little water or tea as often as every hour, or as needed, to chase the blues. Though the popular press seems confused by the studies, scientific medicine is convinced: St. Joan's wort is as effective in altering mood, even for those severely depressed, as the most commonly-used drugs. And even high doses of the tincture are without side-effects.

Do be careful, as capsules and tablets may increase skin sensitivity and interfere with the effectiveness of drugs you may be taking. For safety's sake, I use only Hypericum tincture, no other form.

Since St. Joan's wort is a powerful antiviral as well, it does double duty. Taking several dropperfuls a day can drastically reduce the number and severity of colds and flu episodes. And that makes everyone happy, as well as healthy."

Used For: Depression; Mood Swings; Anxiety; Pre-menstrual symptoms; Addictive tendencies; Hormonal activity (helps regulate); Cancer prevention; Viral infections (protection from as well); Inflammation; Nervous system (soothes); Cold sores, muscle aches, shingles, sciatica, back pain, neuralgia, headaches (including migraines).

Ingredients: St. John's Wort Flowers Infused in Alcohol.

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Cautions: Herbal remedies such as St. Johns/Joans Tincture may change the effect of prescription drugs. Research or speak to a qualified Herbalist before taking this product while taking any prescription drugs.

     Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a prescription, prognosis, or diagnosis of any diseases or illness, and should not be used as a replacement for any medical treatment you may currently be undergoing. Application of the information provided, and or, use of the product, without the supervision of a licensed medical professional is done so at the individual's own risk.