Colloidal Silver - Dropper Bottle - 30 ml
Go For Wellness Inc.

Colloidal Silver - Dropper Bottle - 30 ml

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For Internal / External Use

Colloidal Silver: is excellent for immune support. It is a powerful agent that is effective against powerful super bugs and more. It can assist in supporting the body to fight bacterial and fungal infections, viruses, and parasites. It can be also used externally to assist with skin and wound healing. It is safe for children, adults and pets.

Colloidal Silver Produced by Go For Wellness Inc.

Ingredients: Silver Particles Suspended in Distilled Water.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a prescription, prognosis, or diagnosis of any diseases or illness, and should not be used as a replacement for any medical treatment you may currently be undergoing. Application of the information provided, or use of the product, without the supervision of a licensed medical professional is done so at the individual's own risk.

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